Da' Story

YAGA - Mo' Bettah Threadz

In 1986, a small retail store on Galveston Island, off the coast of Texas in the Gulf of Mexico, set the stage for an original t-shirt line that was spawned from the influence of the Caribbean West Indies. Founder Joe Flores, a native Galvestonian, was also inspired by an island vagrant who always greeted people with the word, "yaga." (Yaga is a Jamaican slang term used as a greeting or a way to attract attention. The community came to associate the word with a mo' bettah feeling.) Yaga blends cultures and lifestyles into a collection that is relaxed, fun, and stylish.

Not limited to a sport, season, or locale, Yaga embraces the vast visual imagery of different people and cultures. Yaga incorporates natural earth influences through classic cotton fabrics with weathered colorations to perpetuate dat' timeless, relaxed island livin'.

If Yaga's roots settle anywhere, it is in the world beat and reggae island music. Music moves the world and is the true global voice. Yaga's graphics and images originate in island cultures as well as from Bob Marley's and others' songs. Music and its island messages, cultures, and fashion blends seamlessly throughout Yaga products.

The Yaga vibe is all about spirit, heart, and simplicity. Like the island rastas, Yaga spreads the message of peace and love. Yaga brings real and authentic island people and their music closer together, resulting in a cool mix of simple livin' and island energy.

Our emphasis is to promote a positive, soulful message in "comfy" island gear that can be worn on the beach or the streets in Jamaica, Manhattan, Tokyo, or anywhere else in da' world.